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Kyabirwa Surgical Center (KSC) proudly introduced its Simulation Center in 2024, a groundbreaking initiative set to revolutionize medical education across Uganda and East Africa. This state-of-the-art facility serves as a dynamic platform for training across various medical domains, including minimally invasive surgeries, laparoscopy, endoscopy, anesthesia, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Basic Life Support (BLS), surgical skills, and nursing.

Target Audience:

  • KSC medical staff

  • Doctors

  • Nurses

  • Medical students across Uganda and East Africa

Impact: The KSC Simulation Center is poised to elevate the region's medical education standards, nurturing a new cohort of highly skilled healthcare professionals.


Laparoscopic Training Program:

  • Duration: Six months

  • Curriculum: Led by local and international experts, featuring lectures, hands-on simulations, and live operating room experiences.

  • Certification: Earn the prestigious Kyabirwa Surgical Center (KSC) Fundamentals of Laparoscopic certification upon completion.


Endoscopy Training Program:

  • Utilizes the Simbionix GI Mentor simulation platform for comprehensive training in various endoscopic procedures, providing an unparalleled learning experience.


Anesthesia Training Program:

  • Focuses on emergency and advanced scenarios, enhancing skills in Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).


Discover Excellence in Women's Health at Kyabirwa Surgical Center!


Our services encompass a wide range of specialized procedures designed to enhance women's health:

  • Comprehensive Surgical Care: Our team excels in complex procedures like Myomectomy for uterine fibroids and Adenomyomectomy for adenomyosis, showcasing our surgical prowess and dedication to patient well-being.

  • Advanced Laparoscopic Techniques: With a focus on minimally invasive surgery, we offer advanced laparoscopic procedures for Ectopic pregnancies, bilateral tubal ligation, and more, ensuring faster recovery and minimal scarring.

  • Diagnostic Precision: Leveraging state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, we provide accurate assessments and tailored treatment plans, optimizing outcomes for our patients.

  • Holistic Wellness Approach: Our holistic Women's Health Program addresses every aspect of women's wellness, promoting overall health and preventive care.​

Our specialized procedures include Hysteroscopy for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, open surgeries such as Myomectomy and Total abdominal hysterectomy, and urogynecological procedures like Transvaginal hysterectomy and colporrhaphy.

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