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About Us

KSC is a woman-led center of excellence for research, training and care. We provide provide surgical interventions of the highest quality to rural and remote communities across, and beyond, eastern Uganda. This includes safe, quality, and affordable ambulatory general surgery, laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures, fully powered by renewable solar energy and collected rainwater.


Leveraging the power of fiber optic and mixed reality technology, we also build local surgical workforce capacity through remote telementoring, including telesurgery, teleradiology, and telepathology, effectively connecting surgeons at Mount Sinai hospital in New York to those in the operating room at KSC.


The use of cloud-based technology enables us to manage and use electronic health records to capture, track, and report on our clinical outcomes and energy usage. Health and energy data are used to improve care quality and efficiency as well as track and improve our environmental footprint.


KSC is a registered non-governmental organization licensed by the Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council.


To break the barriers to surgical care by providing safe, affordable ambulatory surgery while favorably impacting global health crisis.


To be a center for excellent, affordable, safe ambulatory surgical care in Uganda

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